Ah the Archers was a humdinger this week. “Stolen kisses in the cowshed” said Ruth after a passionate embrace with Sam – ha ha. I was right there with them. Not only was there passionate intrigue but also a superb comedy moment when Linda Snell put her foot in it by singing, “one day my prince will come” to Kirstie who had just been dumped by aforementioned cowshed romeo. Got my Sunday off to a fantastic start.

It COULD have been a sad little lonely little rockabilly Sunday were it not for the fact that I had CHOSEN not to go out with the Chaw-Bacon in favour of doing my own thing around the Wood. So I pottered around the flat, played my uke for a bit, got together a 1930s selection of 78s for the next gig and hung around a bit in cafes.

For my lunch I prepared Winnie Lightner’s Italian Salad. I don’t know much about Winnie. She played mostly flapper parts I think. In “The Life of the Party” she played a character called “Flo” which reminds me, it was the Panther’s birthday on Saturday…

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