Sometimes you don’t see a dressing for ages, and then three come along at once…

On the left, we have Angela Lansbury’s Mustard Vinaigrette.  On the right, we have David Soul’s Torino Dressing, and in the middle, a French Dressing. When I needed some of this for the Barbara Stanwyck Stuffed Pimento Salad recipe, I naturally turned to the fabulous 282 Ways of Making a Salad.

There are loads of fabulous movie star salads in this book, and I wrote about seven of them here…My fave was the Alan Ladd Anchovy Salad.  I really want to make that again.

When a recipe in this mighty tome isn’t assigned to a particular star, I always wonder whether it’s from the kitchen of Bebe Daniels or from her co-writer, journalist Jill Allgood. Naturally, in my mind, they are all Bebe’s recipes, making her Queen of Salads and Dressings in my book.  She’s basically the 1950s version of Emily Nunn of The Department Of Salads.

If you’ve never made a salad dressing before, this one is a classic.  If you haven’t got a dinky little whisk, you can use a fork in the early stages and then give it a good shake-up in a jam jar.  Stick it in the fridge and be very pleased with yourself every time you stick some on a salad.


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