Bo’s Cheese Pies, like Bo herself,

are very photogenic…

and we had a fun zip out to Colindale on a very windy day in February 2020 in order to scoff one on a tube station platform. Bo’s recipe makes a big pie but I decided to make little ones, much easier to transport.

This was a return to the traditional format of a Great Bear escapade, after a couple of dishes that weren’t suitable to eat on the hoof (Rip Torn’s Omelet Mexicali and Roger Moore’s Best Ever Bolognese Sauce).  It was nice to get back to the old-fashioned way of doing things, set in place on our very first trip when we took a Pola Negri Trifle to High Barnet.

Little did we know as we posed with little pies

and ate them on the platform

that this project would be brought to a grinding halt by the global pandemic.  No mask had to be worn for this here salute to the roundel!  We had no idea what was coming!

But I am pleased to announce that after a hiatus of 15 months of not venturing out, we have begun taking tentative steps up the Northern Line with movie star-related foodstuffs again. You’ll soon see us trying to eat weird things by lifting up a mask corner and shoving them in our cake holes on this here blog.

Until then, here is the recipe and Mr. Rathbone’s Station Factoids for Colindale, our last station stop before the plague times arrived.

Colindale tube station factoids
Originally opened in August 1924, Colindale station has undergone some structural changes over the years, not the least of which followed a direct hit by a large bomb during the Blitz of 1940, which completely demolished the original building.

It is currently awaiting a substantial ‘modernisation’ that looks to transform the once humble and functional building into an altogether more space-age structure, as seen in this artist’s impression…

Legendary writer and archeologist T.E. Lawrence was apparently a regular user of the station in the late 1920s due to its close proximity to Hendon Aerodrome where he was stationed at the time. His articles for the Spectator bore the amusing pseudonym, ‘Colin Dale’!
Thanks, Mr Rathbone!  Next stop on our Northern Line adventure will be Katharine Hepburn!

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