This recipe has been right at the top of my “I wanna cook” list

since it first appeared in Greg Swenson’s brilliant Recipes for Rebels book.

Mostly because it is cooked in a CHICKEN BRICK

and this is one of those things I bought for a specific movie star recipe and then never used again.  It’s been gathering dust in the back of a cupboard ever since I made Anthony Andrews’ Spicy Yogurt Chicken Cooked in a Brick SIX YEARS ago.  It was a big success

and I’ve been thinking ever since, “I must cook more things in that chicken brick!”  Now of course, I’m regretting not getting around to it as it costs one million pounds every time we heat up an oven here in the UK.

But no matter, I made Eartha’s rabbit dish in the brick and it was DELICIOUS.

Oh, plus, another reason for wanting to make it is that there is a brilliant YouTube video of Eartha cooking this up on the BONKERS Celebrity Chefs programme hosted by Robert Morley. I have written about it before when I discovered Robert Vaughn making his Fettucine Alfredo. Robert Vaughn says, “Dear Boy” constantly and chats away about all kinds of bizarre things including Oliver Reed’s “child bride”.  Both are definitely worth a watch.  Here’s Eartha

and here’s Robert Vaughn.

I made Eartha’s dish just for me, myself and I because Mr R is not keen on rabbit. He doesn’t like all the little bones.  But I figure, if it is just for me to eat then it doesn’t matter if I have to sit around spitting out bones like someone from Tudor times.  Nobody will see it.  It felt very indulgent to make a big old roast just for myself but hey, sometimes that’s just the way I roll.

Here are the ingredients for the marinade.

Here it is marinading, about to go in the fridge overnight.

Here it is, fresh out of the oven in the BRICK.

I would suggest testing the rabbit around 30 minutes before the end of the cooking time Eartha suggests, I think mine would have been ready a bit earlier.  I had one big portion for this for my din-dins. and another the next day heated up in my singleton’s casserole dish – it was just as good on day 2.

I froze the rest.  Now that hard times and cold nights are on the menu, I will be glad to find a portion or two of this in the frozen archives I am sure.  A good old-fashioned hearty dinner.  Thanks, Eartha

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