Imagine my surprise to open the work fridge last week and find this in a door shelf. YES! It is back!

I wrote a post back in May about Frankie Avalon’s Salad Dressing and my disappearing salad dressing bottle. Pinched from the work fridge for a second time!  One kind reader called Sherry even took the time to email me a link to a site where I could buy a new one of these.  I am sort of glad I didn’t get around to it, for lo and behold, my own one has reappeared after a couple of months who-knows-where.  

Some people might tip away the salad dressing for health and safety reasons.  Not me, that’s got some of my precious olive oil that Greg Swenson of Recipe for Rebels sent me all the way from Greece in it!

I am not wasting a drop of that!  The salad dressing is safely in my HOME fridge, that salad bottle is never leaving Silver Screen Suppers Towers again.

Anyhow, the reappearance of Frankie’s salad dressing reminded me that his spaghetti sauce was on the list of recipes for test cooking.  Frankie is in a couple of films with Vincent Price so I need a signature dish for the book I’m working on with Peter Fuller of The Vincent Price Legacy.

This spaghetti sauce is very simple and it was tasty but…  

Frankie’s recipe was in a book called Cooking With The Stars, published in 1970 and to me it’s a very 70s sort of spaghetti sauce.  I am not going to expand too much, because I am not Italian and what do I know about spaghetti sauce?  But suffice to say, I’ll soon be trying something from Frankie’s 2015 cookbook that has loads of delicious looking things probably more suited to the modern palate.

Here’s the 70s recipe though, should you desire to make it…

Mmm, I like the look of Frankie’s recipe for chicken thighs with peas, sweet vermouth and sherry in the Italian Family Cookbook.  Two types of booze!

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