Mr. R recently bought a Mel Brooks box set and we watched Silent Movie on Sunday night after drinking a vast amount of beer.  I laughed like a drain throughout and kept saying, “This is the funniest film I’ve ever seen!” over and over and over again.

Next morning I couldn’t remember a single thing about it. 

Mr. R and I lay in bed desperately trying to bring to the front of our minds all the many, many bits that made us laugh so much. 


That’s quite good though, it means we can watch it again. 

…and again, and again, and again…

Now that my hangover has subsided, I can remember some of the bits that made me laugh the most.  One of which was Paul Newman zooming around on a motorized bath chair…

and it reminded me that I really want to cook a Paul Newman dish soon. Mostly this is to counteract the recently published, very annoying, Guardian Feast article where a journalist who shall remain nameless badmouthed Paul Newman.  How very dare he?!  Newman is brilliant.

I absolutely loved the dance scene featuring Bernadette Peters…

As I am learning a go-go routine for Mr R’s birthday I might try and incorporate Bernadette’s final move, it knocks everyone right off their chairs…

Oh, and googling for pix has reminded me about another bit that cracked me up…

If you have never seen Silent Movie, proceed directly to eBay or wherever you procure your moving image entertainment and GET IT!

This Cheese Mustard Loaf is the kind of thing I can imagine Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner eating on their laps in front of the TV in their matching reclining La-Z-Boy chairs.

Because it is a PREPOSTEROUS thing, but also a very, very good thing.  Utterly, utterly delicious.

I only had a couple of slices, not the whole thing.  Honest.  

OH – MY – GAWD – what a DELIGHT!  But in no way a diet dish. In my defence, I made this because otherwise half a loaf of bread that I’d made with my very own hands would have gone to waste.

But really, there was no need to slather it with butter and cheese was there?

Hal Linden’s wife Fran makes Cheese Mustard Loaf once a year.  On Christmas Eve.  

It’s so good, it probably should only be made once a year.  

Roll on Christmas Eve.

Oh, P.S. Making this very much reminded me of the time Mr R helped me with the construction of Joan Crawford’s Hot Buttered Bread…

That was GOOD, but not half as good as Hal’s Missus’ Mustard Cheese Loaf…

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