Ooh, move over Gordon MacRae’s Trout Almondine, this was great! Very flavoursome and weirdly, the trout was pinker than last night and the trout were definitely twins (bought side by side) so it must have been to do with the liquid I popped in the pouch, or the cooking method…


So the recipe was basically to rub the cleaned trout inside and out with salt and pepper. Pop it on a piece of foil and sprinkle it with lemon juice, minced parsley and melted butter. Then sprinkle a few drops of Chablis over each fish.

By the way, I love it when film stars are SPECIFIC about what kind of booze to use. I was a bit pressed for time tonight and couldn’t get to my much loved local wine shop Prohibition Wines, so got a bottle of Les Domaines Brocard Chablis from a supermarket close to my pad (I am ashamed of myself).

chablisI do not mean to suggest that I know anything about wines, I most certainly don’t.  But if a movie star specifies Chablis, I will get Chablis, even if I don’t know what the hell it is.  I would much rather have got a recommendation from the nice people at Prohibition than have to stand perplexed for about 20 minutes in the supermarket trying to pluck up the courage to ask a passer by, “do you know what country Chablis is from?  Can you see any?” I spotted some at the last minute and had to bite the bullet and cough up £15 for it.

Anyhow, next step is to fold your trout up in individual foil parcels and bake them in the oven at 375 degrees F / 190 degrees C / Gas 5 for 5 minutes.

Jack’s recipe says to open up your pouch “forming drip tray” (I love that specific bit of the recipe). Spread surface of fish with mixture of 1 tablespoon each of butter and flour.

Brown under broiler / grill until crisp and brown.


Result?  Yum!  I liked the weird buttery flour topping and the trout was perfectly cooked.  Thanks Jack, even though I’ve only seen you in two episodes of Columbo, I thank you for helping to produce one of my earliest heart-throbs, David Cassidy…


PS – recommended as a lovely, slightly self-indulgent singleton’s dinner.  But of course, you can do as many of these trout as you like if you have guests.  But personally, if there are many fish-bones involved in a dish, I prefer to eat alone!

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