Oh this was so good!  Almost as good as a Bird’s Eye Potato Waffle – ha ha!  I had some leftover stuffing in the freezer so I mixed it up with a beaten egg and bunged it in the waffle maker.  It was utterly delicious.  I am sad that that’s the last of the stuffing, but a stuffing waffle is a marvelous thing, and I’m so pleased that it turned out so well.  I am already pondering when I can make some more of Marilyn’s stuffing, just so that there are leftovers for waffleage.  New word.


Here’s a link to the recipe for Marilyn’s stuffing.  If you’ve got a waffle maker, make a batch and get your waffles on.

Oh Marilyn, you were so gorgeous, and you’ve left us with a stuffing recipe that can be turned into a glorious stuffing waffle.  Thank you.


I’m doing lots of writing this month.  I’ve signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo


and have pledged to spend an hour a day on the Columbo Cookbook.  I’m also doing the Free Write Fling which is proving to be a lot of fun.  It is very strange what stuff comes out of your head and onto the page when you write without self-censorship…

free write fling

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