I made it, and it was GOOD!  Very good in fact and well worth all the chopping.  Marilyn’s original recipe, and the adaptation by the New York Times are in this blog post

Here it a small portion of it about to go into the oven…

Marilyn Monroe Stuffing

      Marilyn Monroe Stuffing Before Baking

and here it is after cooking for about 30 minutes (only a small portion so it took less time to cook than in the recipe). 

Marilyn Monroe Stuffing

         Marilyn Monroe Stuffing After Cooking

It was really lovely and nutty.  We’ll be stuffing our Christmas mallard with some of this, and there is enough for some for Mr R’s actual Xmas dinner at his sister’s place too.  I only made half Marilyn’s recipe as there is no way I’d have had a mixing bowl big enough to do the full monty!

I made a little demonstration movie too.  Not sure when I’ll have time to edit that, but will pop up a link when it is done.

Until then, here I am in my Marilyn Monroe spex (we watched How To Marry A Millionaire after our dinner)


If only I were blonde!

Marilyn Monroe in Glasses

Have a wonderful, wonderful festive season, see you on the flipside!

merry xmas from marilyn

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