There isn’t any cooking going on at Silver Screen Suppers Towers as I have finally succumbed to Covid.  I’m mostly sleeping and knitting with the occasional wobble to the kitchen for a Lemsip.  So perhaps now is a good time for me to tell you about something I’ve been meaning to mention for ages.  This is for all you Columbo fans out there!

There is a brilliant new book out that is just perfect for all who love the great Lieutenant and his many funny ways.

Naturally my favourite page is the one that has four panels about food – haha!

I highly recommend the Missy Tassels book for all the Columbo fans in your life. Stick it on your Christmas shopping list right now, or better still, grab a few and wrap them up so you are ahead of the game.  I never manage to do this, but I’d like to think I might be this kind of person one day.  Here’s the link to the spot where you can buy the book. It is an absolute BARGAIN at £5.99, worth every penny.  I’m guessing Lulu will translate the currency to dollars or whatever currency you use where you are as I think they ship worldwide.

As someone whose entire life revolves around food I am finding it very strange to have eaten virtually nothing for five days.  I am just beginning to have thoughts about what I will eat when I’m back on my feet and it all has to be easy and mushy. This way of dressing an avocado might be the first thing I go for.

In a 1967 newspaper article, Peter Falk revealed that he liked his avocado sprinkled with lime or lemon juice, with freshly ground pepper and a few tablespoons of bottled French dressing or vinaigrette sauce.

Here’s one I made earlier.  Easy and mushy.  Perfect for an Covid convalescent I reckon.  Roll on the appetite return…

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