“Yes, I was correctly quoted in saying I introduced sex into films in the 20’s,
but it was sex in good taste and left a great deal to one’s imagination.”

I am going to invoke the spirit of Pola when those Rolling Stone hunks come round to dinner on Sunday, I just cannot WAIT. And Rosalind will no doubt be pleased to hear that I am planning a trifle for the occasion.

The cooking has gone on the back burner with much DJing activity around the place and my new venture into Roller Derby. There is no time to eat, let alone cook. But roll on Sunday Rrrrrrollergirls, a trifle will be created.

Ah, the pleasures of a Monday afternoon “working from home”. Columbo is on and it is the “Requiem for a Falling Star” episode which features the magnificent Anne Baxter as the villain. Look at that OUTFIT! She is a DIVA.

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