Quick as a flash, after the horrorfest that was Robert Quarry’s Beer and Cheese Soup, he has redeemed himself.  Mmmm – this is GOOD potato salad. 


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE potato salad.  I always make it the same way though.  To my friend Alastair Hendy‘s recipe from Home Cook.  Man I love that book.  Haven’t cooked anything from it for a while, might put it on the top of the cookbook pile…


Alastair’s recipe is from his mum, and her secret ingredient is Maggi Sauce…


Good question.  What IS Maggi Sauce?  I have no idea, I only ever use it in Alastair’s  potato salad, and in that, it is GOOD.  The umami boost in Robert’s salad however, comes from the pickle juice and barbecue sauce.  Mmmm.


Naturally, I used Paul Newman’s barbecue sauce…


From now on, when potato salad is required, I think I will be in a right quandary, trying to decide between Alastair’s and Robert’s…


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