This is a cute little recipe for when you fancy potatoes dauphinoise but you don’t possess a fancy mandolin to slice the spuds thinly.

Just chop your potatoes into little dice instead!

This recipe appeared in a kids’ cookbook, hence the simple way it is written.  But beware, my chums, Roger’s cooking time seemed VERY long to me and my spuds started smelling delicious after 20 minutes or so. They looked done, they tasted done, so I took ’em out of the oven and considered them done.  Phor!

It might depend on the type of potato you use and how small you cut your chunks but I would say, keep an eye on this and if your top looks deliciously browned but your potatoes are a bit hard, pop some foil on top and put them back in for a bit.

I made half Roger’s recipe fully intending to save a portion for the next day’s dinner, but I was VERY hungry and ate almost all of it.  As I was writing this blog post in the wee small hours, I was getting hungrier and hungrier.  So I heaved myself out of bed and popped the leftovers into a little frying pan with some sliced onions, halved cherry tomatoes and a couple of whisked-up eggs. The resulting omelette was the most delicious thing I’d had for breakfast in AGES!

It’s almost worth making this specifically for leftovers!

This will be going in the Cooking the Detectives book as a proposed side dish for Tony Curtis’ Goulash for a screening of The Persuaders.

That would be one hellova rib sticker dinner!

This is the book the recipe is in, it was a gift from my friend Jan, proprietor of the most excellent Saucy Seventies Adventures Twitter account.  I am betting that if you are not a Brit of around our age, you won’t know who on EARTH most of these celebrities are.  If I had two copies I might run a competition to see which blog reader can name the most.  My money would be on Mark Brisenden.


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