Mr R called this, “A soft drink bourbon,” and I thought it was a great way of trashyfy-ing a bourbon with a cherry. It felt a bit like a drink you would have in a tiki bar to me,

although now that London’s Trader Vic’s has closed, I am going to have to hunt a bit harder for a UK tiki bar.

Or maybe I will just create my own?

After he’d drunk his Tarzan Mr Rathbone finally did the Tarzan cry.

I’d been waiting for that for weeks, as I assumed he would have been all over it when we had a Johnny Weissmuller Cocktail but NO, I had to bide my time!  There was an almondy last sip because of the cocktail cherry and then the sound of this reverberated around Mr R’s flat.

I see I made a drunken note after a second one of these about when I lived on a houseboat and loved it.  Mr R said he’d worry about feeling seasick on board one, and I said, “There are no houseboats on the sea.”

Which I guess is true.  Here’s the recipe for a Tarzan – I know Mark Brisenden was waiting for this!  I know that Edgar Rice Burroughs wasn’t IN movies, but he gets over 80 credits on the IMDB so in my book, he’s appropriate for this here blog. I can’t find the photo I took of the cocktail, but I’ll pop it in here when do!


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