I had two frankfurters leftover from the Richard Basehart Frankfurters and Beans extravaganza written about here and that could only mean one thing.  Hotchpotch of Curly Kale.  I was determined that this recipe go in the Supper with the Stars book as I love it so.  It’s definitely one of those “greater than the sum of its parts” recipes.

Plus, it is the only movie star favourite recipe on my spreadsheet of over 8,000 that has KALE in its title.  Just this one folks, and if I search for – kale recipe – on Google I get “About 240,000,000 results”.  Shows how times have changed, eh?  But also, how ahead of his time the hero of the Silver Screen Suppers blog really was.


I made a portion of this for just me, myself and I using 300g kale.  Stripping out the big stalks left 180g kale.  I used 120g of potatoes and 160ml stock.  I ate the lot!

Such a satisfying plate of fodder.

It is no secret that Vincent Price loved frankfurters, he’s got several hot dog related suggestions in The Treasury of Great Recipes but this one is my fave.  Why not rustle it up if you are having (as my chum Yinzerella of Dinner is Served 1972 regularly does) a Weiner Wednesday.


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