Well, my work on the Vincent Price cookbook is done!  I delivered all the final tweaks to my co-writer Peter Fuller yesterday and as we must celebrate all the wins these days, fashioned myself a little cocktail.

This cocktail featured in an advertising campaign for Angostura bitters fronted by Vincent.

“Over ice, stir 2/3 any good whiskey, 1/3 sweet vermouth, two dashes of Angostura. Stewpendous!”  Indeed it was!  I followed Vincent’s cocktail with a portion of Donald Pleasence’s Prawn Curry from the freezer.  I should have watched The Monster Club, they are both in that, but not on screen together alas…

All the Angostura print ads I can find that feature Vincent’s recipes are collected together in this post if you’d like other ways of using up that bottle in the back of your cocktail cabinet!  If you want to know when Supper with the Stars is available, skip over here and sign up to the mailing list.  

There will be news about a forthcoming cucumber crocodile contest coming soon too!

See those green and red circular things on the top of my cheese cubes?  Those are cocktail onions I dyed with food colouring.  Is it my imagination or could you BUY coloured cocktail onions here in the UK in the 1970s?  Perhaps I am thinking of coloured cherries, which I know you can still get in the USA but not around these parts.

This morning when I woke up, I do what I do every weekday and checked for any comments on my blog posts.  Today there was one from someone who wrote, “My boyfriend is suicidal that he cannot get any Barry Normans pickled onions please let me know how I can get hold of some…”

I wish I knew Claudine, I wish I knew!  For those youngsters and those not from these shores, Barry Norman was a legendary film critic here in the UK and I wrote a post about these delicious onions way back in 2015 Alas, now they are no more. The supermarkets have stopped stocking them, therefore Opies stopped making them.  Around May 2019 it seems.

I am distraught of course, but those of you who know me and my hoarding tendencies will not be surprised to hear that I have a jar in my fridge.

Now I know these are collector’s items, I am going to cut each onion into quarters and eat them on cocktail sticks to make them last!

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