After the disaster that was Myrna Loy’s Shortbread I wasn’t sure about entering this category for the MHHSSS (see previous post) but I spotted this recipe in The Treasury of Great Recipes and it sounded good.  And good it certainly was. 

I did everything exactly to Vincent’s recipe which I am posting below, except for one thing.  After consulting with Queen of Baking Battenburg Belle, I cooked them at a lower temperature for a shorter time than Vincent suggested. The test batch I made were a little overdone colourwise.  When I find the scribbled note I made of exactly how long I baked them for I will add it in.  For now though, here is a prize winning recipe for Scotch Shortbread courtesy of Vincent’s wife Mary’s sister Clay…

For non-American cooks, confectioners sugar is also known as icing sugar.

Another winner from Vincent’s copious recipe stash!

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