I was thrilled to get a first prize for my Vincent Price Raspberry Tart.  I made it exactly to Vincent’s instructions in the “Treasury”.  The only thing I did differently was to use cherry brandy rather than raspberry liqueur as I’d bunged all of that in my Madeleine Carroll punch.  Mmmmm.

I was so pleased with this, I have never made it before but it was delicious.   A really nice thing to make for a special occasion. 

I had very strong competition in this class, including the two fruit tarts seen here made by Battenburg Belle.  I didn’t think I had a hope in hell against her “damn fine cherry pie…” seen top right.

So after all that excitement, it’s now time to think about what to make for the Muswell Hill Horticultural Society AUTUMN show.  One category is a cake made with some kind of vegetable….  I am sure I will find something in that film star recipes spread sheet featuring zucchinis…

Thanks yet again to the best celebrity chef ever – Mr Vincent Price.

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