To avoid making the same mistake I made with Ob’s Chicken, I am writing this up very soon after making it.  It was slightly weird, but good nevertheless!

When I have something that needs testing for the Murder, She Cooked book and there is something ODD about the recipe, I prefer to pluck it from the pile and try it myself.  So it was with Barry’s cornflake encrusted sole.  It sounded kinda bizarre.

I was only making one person portion of this but the smallest box of cornflakes I could get was huge. It seems bonkers to have only used 1/4 cup of cornflakes from this huge container of them.  I never eat cornflakes, what on EARTH shall I do with the rest?

This is a super easy dish to make.  For a one person portion I used 2 fillets of lemon sole, about 80g of sour cream and 1/4 cup cornflakes.  Here’s how they looked before baking.

The green enamel pot with a lid that I usually use for David Niven’s Jansonn’s Temptation was the perfect size for this.  Now I’ve been drawn to looking at that recipe again, I really want to make immediately.  For BREAKFAST.  My love for that fishy, potato, creamy dish knows no bounds…

But back to the sole.  I assumed that the dish should be covered in the oven and the fillets steamed really nicely in my dish and were perfectly cooked after 35 minutes.

The cornflakes softened up and to be honest, I couldn’t really taste them.  I’d probably up the quantities if I was going to make them a FEATURE of this dish.  Hahah, cornflakes a feature of a dish!

I served Barry’s fish with green beans Elizabeth Taylor style and some sweetcorn leftover from the Cedar Court 3 Annual KFC Bucket night.

My goodness Colonel Saunders knows what he is doing!  We ate a LOT of chicken.

For good measure here’s Elizabeth’s recipe.

The scribbled quantities are what I do for two, so for my singleton’s sole supper I halved those so about 80g beans and 40g tomatoes.  All in all a very lovely speedy dinner for a weeknight.  Thanks, Barry!

There are still recipes up for grabs to test for the Murder, She Cooked book.  You’ll get an acknowledgment, your feedback about the recipe will be included AND I will love you forever.  Here are the recipes currently most in need of a second pair of eyes.

Ken Howard’s Caviar Pie House of Ken Howard

Jean Simmons’ Sour Milk Cheese Fruit Salad

Wayne Rogers’ Fish Dish

Janet Leigh’s Fruit Salad with Daiquiri Dressing

Michael Ansara’s Cheesecake

Elizabeth Ashley’s Creole Chicken

Dina Merrill’s Homard au Whisky

Carroll Baker’s Baked Chicken

Jennifer Warren’s Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce

Wayne Rogers’ Hunter Eggs

Just leave a comment on this post or drop me a line via the Contact Page if you’d like to try something. Everyone welcome, whatever your cooking skills.

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