I love getting an invite out of the blue to participate in a blogathon, and Gill of Real Weegie Midget Reviews always thinks of me when she has one coming up, thanks Gill!

I have participated in the Michael Caine Blogathon, the Lee Grant Blogathon, the Shelley Winters Blogathon, the Jeff Goldblum Blogathon, the Angela Lansbury Blogathon, the Great Hammer-Amicus Blogathon and hope to be involved in many more.

Gill kindly gave me a BIG HINT about who I might want to write about for the Send In The Marines Blog-a-thon.

Bea Arthur!

Yes, Bea Arthur was in the Marines. Can you believe it? You can read all about it here.

Of course, whenever anyone mentions an actor or actress my first thought is always, “do I have a recipe for them?” and zip straight to the spreadsheet to have a look. In the case of Bea, there was one, yippee!

Brilliant – recipe #2638 – Cream of Carrot Soup.  I love carrot soup!

The recipe resides in a book by my food writing heroine, Johna Blinn.

I am pleased to report that Bea’s carrot soup was utterly delicious! No doubt because there was quite a hefty dollop of double cream in it! I loved it.

So, this was the only recipe I had listed for Bea on my spreadsheet, but a bit of Google action revealed another, in the original newspaper article from 1975 where Johna Blinn had written about Bea and her food preferences.  As well as the Carrot Soup there was a recipe for Filet of Sole With Dill Sauce.  This sounded right up my street so I made this too.  Also, Bea mentioned that the carrot soup when served hot, is “Lovely as a first course to precede a baked fish.” AGREED!

I had some cute little pretzel bites hanging around so in they went!

I am very pleased to report that the sole too was delicious. 

Again, probably to do with the dollop of sour cream sauce.  Bravo Bea!  Two fabulous dishes and I am using the word DOLLOP here with Bea’s approval as it’s in her recipe!

Plus, both Bea’s recipes use white pepper. I am a fan of white pepper and you don’t see it much in modern recipes so I AM HAPPY!  Dollops of cream and white pepper all around makes for a divine din-dins.

Thanks to Gill of Real Weegie Midget Reviews for prompting me to cook a couple of Bea Arthur recipes and to J-Dubs of Dubsism for co-organising the blogathon with Gill.  

Prompted by this event I ordered a box of Golden Girls DVDs too so no doubt I’ll be chuckling along to those very soon…

As there is no way I could ever make biccies as beautiful as these to munch on while I watch, I will probably make a batch of Rue McLanahan’s Wonder Women Cookies instead.

This is for all the fabulous women I know…

and FINALLY, Bea’s recipes.

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