This month’s column is up over at and it looks lovely.  My neighbour’s dog Ringo gets fame at last! Chewing on the Bette Davis Ham Bone!

ringo and his bette davis ham bone

Both recipes are there and both are delicious.  I am especially fond of Bette’s Boston Baked Beans as they were the first thing I made for this project way back in 2006.  That post still makes me laugh…


Just wanted to mention (in case you are an avid recipe book buyer) that the photo they have used to illustrate Famous Foods by Famous People is not the book Bette’s soup recipe appears in, it’s in this one.  Just in case you are tempted to rush out and buy one!


Here’s how my soup looked, served as per Bette’s recipe with croutons.

IMG_0865It freezes really well and here’s a batch that I had with Mr R with the legendary Joan Crawford’s Hot Buttered Bread


I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of drinking, eating and going to see The Specials! Hopefully early next week I’ll be posting a round up of all the amazing Joan Crawford dinner parties that happened last week…



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