Lest I incur the wrath of any Turner Classic Movie fans (as I did when I wrote about a Cameron Diaz recipe), I realise that Amanda is a modern television actress rather than a silver-screen movie star.

I also realise that in 17 years of writing about the favourite recipes of screen stars, I am straying closer and closer to the present day.  But I promise, there will be more classic stars coming soon and if you are looking at this site on a laptop rather than a phone, in the right-hand sidebar, you’ll see a drop-down list of everyone featured.

I’ve just had a count-up – 683 different stars – flipping heck!

My most-written-about is naturally the most prolific of celebrity food writers, Mr Vincent Price. Many of the recipes I’ve written about found their way into this book.

In second place is the beloved Joan Crawford, all the recipes I know of can be found in this dinky book.

I was surprised at who took the bronze – Bette Davis – as I don’t have many recipes for her, but her Boston Baked Beans was the very first movie star recipe I ever made, so I have returned to it a few times.

Angela Lansbury comes in fourth place. This book contains all the recipes I know of from Dame Angela’s kitchen.

Joint fifth are Gloria Swanson and Anna May Wong, with Elizabeth Taylor snapping at their heels.

If asked about my favourite movie star recipe, it would always be Liz’s Steamed Chicken in White Wine.

All of this to say, if you are looking for recipes for stars of the golden era, you might find your favourites in the right-hand banner of the website.  If not, get in touch and I can check my spreadsheet for you to see what I have.

But as an archivist by birth and training, I am compelled to record in this blog every recipe I make that is endorsed by an actor or actress. Occasionally, I might feature a screenwriter or a director, but 99% of the recipes in my collection are from thespians.

So it is with Amanda’s Chicken Zorba – another of the Sainsbury’s TV ads from the 1990s (I have also made Ian McShane’s Salmon with Watercress Sauce and John Nettles’ Meditteranean Frittata).

Alas, I haven’t found a video of Amanda’s ad, but I know it is out there somewhere…

Luckily, there is a recipe card!

Seriously delicious!

This will be included in the Cooking the Detectives book, as I am writing about Amanda as the original star of Silent Witness. I haven’t seen any of the newer series with Emilia Fox, and I’m reluctant to do so because I love the Sam Ryan character so much.

I will dip a toe in at some point, though…


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