Mr Rathbone is a very good egg and has volunteered to test cook at least 3 recipes for the forthcoming Cooking the Detectives book.  Well, by my reckoning, this was number 4 as he has already done Robert Wagner’s Chili, Sheila Hancock’s Sardine Pizza and John Nettles’ Un Piot et des Pois au Feu.

This salmon dish was a BIG HIT with us, a bit of a late Valentine’s din-dins as we only see each other at weekends and it fell on a Wednesday this year.  There seemed to be something faintly romantic about an apricot sauce…

Onion juice is a bizarre ingredient to us Brits as it’s not something you see in shops here. Luckily for me, I persuaded my lovely chum Caroline Frick to bring me some over from Texas for some recipe or another and Mr R added about 1/4 small capful to the sauce for half the recipe.  I would advise adding this ingredient last, tasting as you go to see how oniony you would like your sauce.

I accidentally ordered one large piece of salmon from my grocery delivery firm rather than two fillets but this recipe worked just as well with just one piece.

We had a big chunk each for dinner and had another chunk each for leftovers.

I love sending him home on Sundays on the train with a little package of food goodies.  I had mine with some salad and it was delicious cold too.

A winner of a recipe from The Streets of San Francisco that will accompany the Michael Douglas’ veal stew recipe in the book. Another cop show is done and dusted!


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