Another pie!  This time made for Shane and Ewan who battled their way around the British transport system to get to me – Northern Line madness. The pie was made exactly to Jimmy’s recipe – including the pastry and I was quite proud of it BUT I don’t think it was as good as the first time I made it during that crazy time I was living out at Jan’s place in Beaconsfield.  I have a feeling that the first time you make something big and challenging it will always be the best.

S&E arrived with cold white wine ensconced in newspaper and a plethora of Dan Lepard Peanut Butter Cookies wrapped and tied in a festive fashion.  These were DIVINE.  Oooh, I must get hold of that recipe.  Perfectly formed, crispy and peanutty – yum.

The movie was Grey Gardens – the original and best (although I do love the Drew Barrymore fictionalisation too) and so I greeted my guests dressed as Little Edie.  I couldn’t find my leotard alas and had to do my little dance waving a feather rather than a small American flag.  The boys laughed anyhow, which was of course exactly why I was showing off.

As an appetiser I chose something from the film – liver pate.  If you know the movie you’ll know that it was probably a bit dangerous to eat anything in that house, and I was very pleased for once not to have to apologise for the untidiness of my flat.  It’s nothing compared to the Beale’s place.  At least I don’t have racoons.

Ewan took his medicine very nicely and my first prescription seemed to be a great success.  Will be dishing out some more movie medicine soon…


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