Vic is King of Lamb Chops.  He loves them.  He also likes Lon Chaney.  So it was a no brainer when I decided it was Mogen David Week, to invite him to partake of some Lon Chaney Jr.’s Lamb Chops.  Apologies that I’ve chopped Lon’s head off here, when I can lay my hands on the Mogen David Cookbook again (my flat is a TIP) I will replace this pic…
Last Friday, Mr Rathbone and I bought a rather expensive bottle of red wine from the lovely Prohibition Wines in Muswell Hill.  We enjoyed it very much with our sausage and mash dinner, and fancied some more.  A swift look into the cocktail cabinet revealed that there was no more red wine to be had, apart from Mogen David.
Many of my UK based readers will probably have no idea what Mogen David is.  I had no idea either when I secured this cookbook from eBay that contains 3 celebrity recipes.  
But a swift search via the old Google machine taught me all I needed to know about Mogen David, apart from what it actually tasted like.  I could not find a single place in the UK that stocked it. Luckily for me, the lovely Caroline Frick traveled all the way from Texas for my birthday in December and she had not one, but two bottles of Mogen David in her hold luggage.  The off licence she bought it from had a sign up so say that the Mogen David had been blessed by the local rabbi.  Brilliant!
So last Friday, desperate for more booze and finding no other wine, Mr R. opened the Mogen David.  I mean absolutely no offence to the makers of this wine, nor to those who love it, but here was my reaction after a taste:
But now the bottle was opened, I felt I had to make the most of it, especially as Caroline had lugged it around a million miles across the pond from Texas.  So I decided I would make all three of the celebrity recipes within a week, so as not to waste the Mogen David.
First up were the lamb chops.  They were GOOD.  Pineapple with lamb chops?  It works, even though it didn’t look very appetizing going in the oven…
The King of Lamb Chops enjoyed them very much and so did I.  Yer pineapple goes pink!
We had this fetchingly named chocolate bar for dessert, a gift from Vic (from Sweden I believe…)
It was a very good dinner! 
Vic is cultivating lovely manners as he gets older.  He always sends a text or email to thank me, when I have cooked for him these days.  After the lamb chops he sent me this delightful picture of Lon Chaney Jr. as the Wolfman with the delectable Bettie Page.
Who can say if it really IS Lon Chaney Jr. in this photo?  Doesn’t really matter though does it, when it is such a delightful pic?!
Mogen David Week is dedicated to the lovely Caroline Frick who kindly brought two bottles of this legendary beverage from Texas to London just so I could make these 3 movie star recipes.
Lon Chaney Jr.s Lamb Chops


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